.Nothing's better than a comfortable sweater.

Hello again, my darlings! I'm back with yet another Fashion Voodoo event item to show you, and I'm in love with it... so pardon me while I rave.
This mesh shoulder sweater from Deer, available at the Fashion Voodoo event (Starts on Aug 10th), is amazing! I'll start with this: It comes with a texture hud... with 30 different textures in it. O.O It's basically 30 shirts in one! *swoons* It's a shopper's dream come true!
Ok so... now that I'm done drooling all over it... o.o
The shape is amazing, it's totally the multipurpose sweater shirt! In my photos, I've went the jeans route but I can also picture myself wearing a nice pair of leggings or tights underneath it and rockin the sweater dress look! The shading is amazing, the multi-texture option just blows me away, and the textures, oh the textures! I've picked a few to tease you with, but I love them all! There's 6 different sets of textures, from graphics to words, and each set has 5 textures available - changeable with the easy to use hud! I love love love this shirt! :D
On to the fashion!

Look at it!! :D How amazing is that?! 

What I'm wearing:

Skin: Belleza - Lily
Hair: Magika - Volume
Nails: [Mandala] - Sinra2 (black)
Piercing: -H.O.D.- Provocation
Jeans: Luck inc. - Tyra Jeans (Slim washed/blue)
Shirt: Deer - Mesh Shoulder Sweater (multicolored w/hud) **NEW** Fashion Voodoo Event

And the one I played with in photoshop!


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