.Anatomy - Ariel.

Hello again, my favorite little bloggerites! I'm back with even more awesome new cuteness from Anatomy today, courtesy of the wicked Miss Glitch Grantham! \o/
Glitch has been working her hot little butt off here lately, because I have not one, not two, but three awesome new shapes to blog for you guys! :O I've already posted Bella - which for those of you that haven't seen it yet, omguh go look. Rawr! But in this post, I'm bringing you ARIEL.
My favorite "feature" of Anatomy's shapes are the realism, the natural look to their shapes. No cookie cutter shapes here! All curves in all the right places without looking like every other barbie out there! A def. bonus in my book.
On Ariel, you'll find a nicely flared hip, long shapely legs, nice porportional breasts, a great booty - not too big nor too small (smaller than Bella's) and gorgeous facial features. Again, I feel young with these shapes - mid 20 area, nicely shaped cheekbones and cute little nose! I love it!
On to the shape!

Shape: Anatomy - Ariel  (Unmodded) **new**

In world store location:

And the one I played with in photoshop:


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