.Anatomy - Bella.

Hello again, my darling little blog stalkers! I'm back with more awesomeness for you today - A friend of mine, the incomparable Glitch Grantham, has added more shapes to her amazing store - Anatomy! I love them, they're beyond cute.
Glitch is one of the most talented shape makers I've seen, but not just any shapes, not newbie shapes, not the cookie cutter shapes you see all over sl, but REAL shapes. Natural shapes. Shapes with curves in all the right places, and oh yeah gurl - these are hot.
The hips curve gently, the breasts are portional to the hip ratio (major bonus), the facial features are shaped in an almost young woman sort of way, I'd place myself at early 20s in this shape. The legs go on for miles, the booty is... well - juicy. Look at it! :D
I was going to style the shape, but with my mesh-freakness, you'd never be able to see it for the beautiful shape it is. So here it is, in my crazy zebra undies. Enjoy! ♥
On to the shape!

I mean, LOOK at those stems!! 
Shape: Anatomy - Bella (Unmodded) **new**
In world store location:

And the one I played with in photoshop:


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