.Hair fair #1.

Hello again, my favorite little bloggerites!! I'm back, with some news! I've joined the hair fair demo group - to which all the demos have been sent / are being sent daily. There's tons and tons and tons of hair to go thru! And as much as I'd love to harrass all of you with repeated hair posts to tease you with things you can't have yet, I won't. I'm going to go thru most if not all of them, and just post my picks or my favorite store's demos! At least you'll get a partial preview of whats going on, and I won't be drowning anyone in oceans of hair. <3

First! One of my favorite hair stores - Wasabi Pills. YAY mesh hair!! :D 

Mmm, 4 new delicious hair styles from Wasabi Pills! That store is gonna make me go broke, I swear. lmao. Love it!! 


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