.A cool summer night.

Hello there! My awesome little blog stalkers, I'm back!! More goodness from recent events going on, so more blogginess! 
I personally like this little outfit!! I can picture a little cottage on the beach around dusk, sitting on your favorite bench with a good book in your hand, with a cooling breeze wafting in from an open window. A great pair of jeans, a comfortable tshirt.. what more could you ask for? 
I love love looove this jeans from [Aura], great lines, excellent seam work, and a comfy texture just make them an instant favorite in my book. The top is a One Voice pick from one of my favorite designers, Fri.day, I'm a sucker for a comfortable tshirt, and this one just fit the bill. Nice texturing, a little faded in just the right places, and NOT mesh!! 
On to the fashion!
What I'm wearing: 

Skin: Lara Hurley - Jade (tan) **NEW** One Voice Event
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Teeloh (Chocolate mint) **NEW** One Voice Event
Top: Friday - Ballet. tee (black stripe) **NEW** One Voice Event
Jeans: [Aura] - Class Act jeans (chevron 3)  One Voice Event
Shoes: Mstyle - Rivea Pumps (Corn Snake) **NEW**
Bracelet: [Mandala] - utamaro bracelet (Sumi black) **NEW**
Earrings: Lagyo - Santa Monica Earrings (silver) *NEW** C88
Nails: Mstyle - Long nails v2 (funny bunny) **NEW**
Eyes: Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes (london fog) **NEW** (FREE)

Cabinet: Art Dummy - Once (cabinet with lanterns) **NEW** One Voice Event
Bookends: Art Dummy - Once (Bookends v2) **NEW** One Voice Event


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