.Fashion Voodoo.

Hello again, my darlings! I'm back with awesome news for you! :D Are you ready?

...Are you sure you're ready?

I was accepted as a Fashion Voodoo blogger! \o/ *does a little happy dance* Those of you on my facebook, of course, already know this since I pretty much blasted it all over my news feed but I saved the blog for the good stuff. Yay promotional posters!

So here's the deal with Fashion Voodoo:
It starts on August 10th, and lasts for 3 weeks.
Over 100 labels on the Fashion Voodoo sim, for a simwide fashion fair!
A few of the sponsors: 

  • Razorblade Jacket
  • Belleza
  • Gawk
  • American Bazaar
  • Deetalez
  • Insanya
  • Raw House
  • Sakide
  • Alter Ego
Woot woot! I'm so excited!

For more information, go to : 


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