.Gawk at this.

Hello again, my favorite little bloggerites! :D I'm back with even more awesome cuteness for you today, I hope you like it as much as I do.
This post is centered on one item, rather than a complete accessorized outfit - but for a reason. These beyond cute little long shirts are the focal point of my post today - available at Fashion Voodoo! :D The owner of Gawk, Mell McMahon, passed a blogger pack to me this morning and I just couldn't resist breaking them out and trying them all on! (A big thank you going out to Mell for providing them!)
The long shirt (which I, of course, choose to wear as a dress) is available in several different color options, I picked a few of my favorite to highlight for you, here, today. This cute little shirt/dress is NON MESH. \o/ The shading, wrinkles, and seams are all flawless, little details in all the right places, the cute little neck bow in the back is a great addition to the outfit - adding dimension to the outfit. The beaded tie bow on the front is adorable, and the strategically placed designer "rip" on the breast is perfection. It's exactly what one would expect from a long established and well known store such as Gawk, they never disappoint!
On to the fashion!
What I'm wearing: 
Dress/shirt: Gawk - Neckholder - longtop  **NEW** Available at Fashion Voodoo!
(Left to Right - Advocaat / Aquamarine / Red )

And the photograph I played with in Photoshop:


  1. ooooo I just BOUGHT this last NIGHT.. >:D and a few OTHER things from Gawk... and others XD

    have loved Gawk since it first appeared :D

    Keep up the awesome stylin work, Red <3