Have you ever found a book that you just couldn't put down? I get this feeling practically weekly! If you find a writer that appeals to you, you can find yourself so immersed in the story line that you forget your surroundings and just pour yourself into the pages. Here I was, waiting for the train and I managed to lose myself so completely that I've missed it! Oh well, another hour to read. Hah!

What I'm wearing:
Head: Catwa - Dyana
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Applier: Deetalez - Merilyn (Eastern) **UBER**
Hair: Exile - After the Rain
Eyes: IKON - Promise eyes (Oak)
Necklace: Yummy - Engraved Key Necklace
Nails: RealEvil Industries - Precious (Pointy)
Dress: Just Because - Silvia Dress **UBER**
Shoes: REIGN - Platform Heels

Book: Apple Fall - Open Book
Bag: David Heather - Goldstone Bag / Mahogany **Old Gacha Item**

Poses: Thrust Poses - Fierce Pose Set (Arms Modified)

Another day in the big city and we've been having a ball! Well, I've been throwing the ball, and he's been running around like mad trying to catch it. It's amusing for us both, what can I say? What a great way to have a little fun with your pup while you're out for a walk. As the temperature cools down for the afternoon, we're headed back to the house for a few puppy treats. I'd say he's earned them!

What I'm wearing: 
Head/Body: TMP
Hair: Truth Hair - Satyra
Glasses: Reckless - Aviators
Cig: Nikotin - Premium Cigarette - Classic
Tattoo: Reckless - Sleepless Eye
Necklace: Mandala - Shamira Dog Tags
Watch: Flite - GQ watch - Black **Old Gacha Item**
Nails: RealEvil Industries - Precious Nails
Phone: REIGN - Glitter Posh Phone- #16 **The Arcade**
Top: Tres Blah - Fitted Tee - Black **The Arcade**
Skirt: Cynful - Bandau Jeans Skirt
Shoes: REIGN - November Heels

Pup: Alchemy -  Doge -  French bulldog - Spot**Old Gacha Item**

Pose: Thrust Poses - Against the Wall Pose Set **NEW**

I've got a few friends stopping over for some fun later, it's time to get the game room ready. They're bringing the refreshments and a couple pizzas, so all I need to do is make sure everything is set up. Pool table set up? Check. Comfortable seating? Check. Vintage wall decor? Check. Neon lights? Check. We're ready to go!

What I'm wearing: 
Head: Catwa - Dyana
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Applier: Deetalez - Ana
Hair: Truth Hair - Elira
Glasses: Steinwerk - Bonnie & Clyde Sunglasses
Eyes: IKON - Hope Eyes (Oak)
Necklace: MG - Pekkala's Moon Pentagram
Wrists: Mandala - Okaki Bracelets (Black)
Nails: Wicked Peach - Onyx Nails (Mani/pedi)
Top: Blueberry - Madori - Open Shirts  **C88**
Jeans: Blueberry - Mia Jeans
Shoes: Flite - Lowtop Ducks (Black)

Poses: Thrust Poses

Bad Unicorn x Birch - Lord's Neon 8 Ball  **ULTRA**
Bad Unicorn x Birch - Lord's Chair Black **ULTRA**
Bad Unicorn x Birch - Lord's Whiskey Barrel Table **ULTRA**
Bad Unicorn x Birch - Lord's Car Pool Table - Black **ULTRA**
Bad Unicorn x Birch - Lord's Pool Stick Station **ULTRA**
Floorplan - Vintage Poster
Pixel Mode - Route66 Sign / Wood

It's been a long night, and what better way to kick back and relax than with your favorite snuggle buddy? That's my kind of after party. My sweet little kitty couldn't resist curling up by my legs while I scrolled social media on my phone, but who could resist a little face like that?! After a few minutes of belly rubs, she was out like a light! I think I shall do the same.

What I'm wearing:
Head: Catwa - Dyana
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Applier: Deetalez - Ana
Hair: Little Bones - Xia  **C88**
Eyes: IKON - Promise Eyes (Oak)
Necklace: MG - Alexa Black Choker Pearls
Dress: Birdy - Corset Dress - Maitreya - Black  **The Arcade**
Shoes: REIGN - Gladiator Heels (Black)
Wrists: LoulouCo - Crepuscule
Nails: Shock - Animal Instinct Nails  **WCF**
Garter: LoulouCo - Crepuscule Garter (Black)

Kitty: OMEN - Sleepy Bengal . Brown  **C88**
Chaise: Birdy - Boudoir - Chaise  Lounge **The Arcade**
Skybox: Birdy - Boudoir - Skybox RARE **The Arcade**
Wall: Birdy -  Boudoir - Closet RARE **The Arcade**

It's a gorgeous night in the city, and what better way to get around than to take a walk? Somehow my pup has slipped her collar, but she's trained well and never strays from my side so I think we'll be safe enough on the walk back home... it's just a matter of getting there! It's slow going when she keeps being cute and we have to stop for ear scratches. I think the sneaky lil pup thinks she'll get out of wearing a collar for a while, but jokes on her... I have a couple extras at home!

What I'm wearing:
Head: Catwa - Dyana
Body: Belleza - Isis
Applier: Belleza - Jordan (Tan) **NEW**
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears (Season5)
Glasses: Reckless - Aviators
Tattoo: Reckless - Joon
Necklace: Swallow - Rosary
Arms/Wrists: OtC - Strapped
Top: Just Because - Tess Tank **NEW**
Pants: Flite - Athletic Joggers
Shoes: Flite - OG 4s -Bred

Pose: Thrust Poses - On the Move (Modded)

Puppy: Foxes - Urban Fallout Hound (Gray) **Old Epiphany Item**
Another night with the husband, and I only have an hour to decide what to wear. How can I decide when he won't tell me where we're going?! If I pick a formal dress and we end up going out for pizza... I'll just look silly. If I wear jeans and a t-shirt and we end up at a formal restaurant, I won't get in the door. I guess I'll have to find a comfortable in between. Decisions, decisions. Good thing I have a closet full of options!

What I'm wearing:
Head: Catwa - Dyana
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Applier: Glam Affair - Hope
Hair: Truth Hair - Cerys
Ears: RealEvil Industries - Kitty Ears
Eyes: IKON - Promise eyes (Oak)
Jewelry: Mandala - Pearl Rain Set (Season3 / Gold / White)  (Ears / Neck / Wrists)
Ring: Empyreanforge - Contessa Ring (Gold/Pearl)
Nails: RealEvil Industries - Precious Nails
Lingerie: Birdy - Boudoir - Lingerie White  **The Arcade**
Shoes: REIGN - Peep Toe Pumps (White)

Chair: Birdy - Boudoir - Fur Chair White **The Arcade**
Rug:  Birdy -  Boudoir - Fur Rug White **The Arcade**
Wardrobe:  Birdy - Boudoir - Closet RARE **The Arcade**
Skybox:  Birdy -  Boudoir - Skybox RARE **The Arcade**
Lounge:  Birdy - Boudoir - Chaise Lounge **The Arcade**
Skull: David Heather-Blinged Out Skull **Old Arcade Item**
Jewelry Rack: Tres Blah - Jolie - Golden Hand **Old Arcade Item**
Radio: David Heather - Vintage Radio/Cream**Old Arcade Item**
Clothing on the floor: Erratic - Clothing Clutter (Womens) **Old Arcade Item**
Puppy: Birdy - Boudoir - Pom (Tan) RARE  **The Arcade**
Puppy Bed:  Birdy - Boudoir - Pom Bed **The Arcade**
Treats Jar: +Half-Deer+ - Treats Jar (Ivory / Gold)
Money: SORGO - Stack of Euros / Plastic Wrapped Euros **Old Arcade Item**
Balloon: Tres Blah - Soiree - Heart Balloon **Old Arcade Item**
Another day, another dollar and I'm glad to be home. I'm tired.. overly so, and constantly. Stress is my middle name. sleep eludes me night after night, and I can feel the tension between my shoulder blades expand as each day passes... only to wake up and start all over again.

What I'm wearing: 
Head: Catwa - Dyana
Body: Belleza - Isis
Applier / Skin: Belleza - Mila Catwa Applier (Tan)
Hair: Truth Hair - Elira
Eyes: IKON - Promise Eyes (Oak)
Cigg: Nikotin - Premium Cigarette (Classic)
Jacket: Foxes - The Pagan - Leather Jacket - Pentagram
Top: Alt by Truth - Iggy Top **NEW**
Necklace: Mandala - Onigiri Necklace - Short - Silver
Tattoo: Reckless -
Jeans: Blueberry - Mia Jeans
Shoes: Flite - OG 4s -Cement

It's been a long day in the Kingdom, and between speaking with foreign diplomats and managing the palace staff, I'm exhausted and it's barely even 3pm. I need a breather! What better way to wind down than to take a stroll in the gardens and admire all the beautiful plant life that grows there? After 20 minutes, I've managed to gather what strength I have left and made my way back to the palace.

What I'm wearing: 
Head: Lelutka - Stella
Applier: Glam Affair - ( Lelutka Heads ) Shiroi - Jamaica
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hair: Truth Hair - Harmony
Headpiece: Sweet Thing. Light Song of Swans Headpiece **Old Gacha Item**
Eyes: IKON - Charm Eyes - Oak
Eyeliner: Glam Affair - Couture Eyeliner #3
Eyeliner 2: Mua - All the things (pack2)
Earrings: MiWardrobe -  Japanese Coin - Gold & Red
Necklace: MiWardrobe -  Japanese Coin - Gold & Red
Bracelet: MiWardrobe -  Japanese Coin - Gold & Red
Nails: RealEvil Industries - Precious Nails (Pointy)
Dress: !gO! Ginko - dress  **FGC**
Shrug: !gO! Ginko - cloak  **FGC**
Umbrella: What Next - Summer Parasol (cream)  **C88**

Poses: Thrust Poses

"Think about your hero, when you're at ground zero, and crawl out through the fallout back to me... Crawl out through the fallout, baby... You know what I mean, crawl out through the fallout cause they said this bomb was clean... If you cannot find the way just listen for my song... I'll love you all your life although that may not be too long! Crawl out through the fallout baby, to my loving arms..." *starts humming* Sometimes you just have to entertain yourself while you scavenge for parts and dodge raiders, and this is one of those times!

What I'm wearing:
Head: Catwa - Dyana
Applier: Glam Affair - Hope Catwa Applier - India **C88**
Body: Maitreya - Lara
Hair: Truth Hair - Satyra
Goggles: Remarkable Oblivion - Sandstorm Goggles (Wartorn)
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears (Season5)
Necklace: MG - Clockwork Steampunk Heart - Long - SILVER
Nails: RealEvil Industries - Precious Nails
Shoulders: [LAB737] Nyota Shrug (brown)   **FGC**
Shawl: [LAB737] Nyota Shawl (brown) RARE **FGC**
Drape: [LAB737] Nyota Chest Drape (brown) **FGC**
Top: [LAB737] Nyota Harness (brown)  **FGC**
Legs: [LAB737] Nyota Legs (brown)   **FGC**
Skirt: [LAB737] Nyota Skirt (brown) RARE  **FGC**
Arms:  [LAB737] Nyota Arms (brown)   **FGC**
Shoes: Maitreya - Stagioni Boots (Chesnut)

Poses: Thrust Poses

Music: HERE