The night is dark and fraught with perils, follow me and allow me to light the way. Quickly now, you can never be sure who or what lurks in the darkness beyond your sight, and it's best to not dawdle or draw unwanted attention to yourself. It's time to go!

What I'm wearing: 
Head / Body: TMP
Hair: Truth Hair - Solace
Head Piece: Plastik - Muse Circlet:// Scripted ULTRA RARE **Old FGC Item**
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Necklace: OtC - Lorefield Amulet
Candle: N4RS - Single Pewter Candle
Top: FDD - GS *Keely* Corset  v1 RARE **FGC**
Skirt: FDD - GS *Keely* Skirt  Creme1 **FGC**

Poses: Thrust Poses - Princess Pose Set (Modified)

As I sit and wait for him to finish getting ready, a smile crosses my face as I recall my husband's expression when I walked out of the bedroom wearing this dress. The night's still young but judging from the wicked smile that played across his lips, I can tell it's merely just begun.. and about to get very interesting! I don't know where we're going, but I bet it will be one hell of a ride!

What I'm wearing: 
Head / Body: TMP
Hair: Truth Hair - Kasimire **The Epiphany / Jan**
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Fur: Fishy Strawberry - Faux Fur Stole - Black
Necklace / Earrings: Mandala - Tefutefu
Dress: Just Because - Missy Dress **NEW**
Shoes: Hucci - Orlando Pump (Beach)

Rose: Catwa - Lying Rose [Red]
Chaise: Trompe Loeil - Alexi Lounge

It's almost midnight, and all eyes keep darting from the mysterious redhead to the clock in anticipation of the festivities to begin as the clock strikes 12. The band playing softly in the background can barely be heard over the excitedly hushed whispers of the guests. All year long they've waited with bated breath for that gilded envelope to arrive, the coveted invitation to the White and Gold party where only a select few would be granted access. A masked night of fun and games, how scandalous! What would the games include this year?

What I'm wearing:
Head / Body: TMP
Hair: Truth Hair - Emeline  **NEW**
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Facial Piercing: Kibitz - Mon Gem Piercing
Mask: -David Heather-Masquerade Mask/Gold **Old Gacha Item**
Rings: Real Evil Industries -  Dark Queen Rings
Chest Piercing: Kibitz - Cross Diamond Chest piercing
Bodysuit: Blueberry - Lida - Bodysuit **NEW**
Boots: REIGN - Promiscuous Over Knee Boots (White)

Furniture / Decor: 
22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Queen White / Gold RARE **Old Gacha Item**
22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Bishop White / Gold **Old Gacha Item**
22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Knight White / Gold **Old Gacha Item**

It's been a quiet night in the forest, nary an animal to be seen from East to West. I found a family of rabbits quietly hiding in their burrow, I wonder what has them so spooked? It's time to find out. This is my forest and I don't appreciate poachers on my land, if I have to scare them off I will, they're disrupting the tribe's hunting grounds and that's simply not acceptable.

What I'm wearing: 
Head / Body: TMP
Hair: Truth Hair - Sicily
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Crown: Pucca Firecaster's Creations - Bones - crown **FGC** - Opens Feb 7th @ Noon -
Mask: Pucca Firecaster's Creations - Bones - mask  **FGC** - Opens Feb 7th @ Noon -
Necklace: Pucca Firecaster's Creations - Bones - choker **FGC** - Opens Feb 7th @ Noon -
Necklace2: Pucca Firecaster's Creations - Bones - chest **FGC** - Opens Feb 7th @ Noon -
Shoulder: Pucca Firecaster's Creations - Bones - pauldron **FGC** - Opens Feb 7th @ Noon -
Covers: DirtyStories - Tiny Nipple Covers
Bracers: The Forge - Viking Bracer (Wood)  **Old FGC gacha item**
Loincloth: Pucca Firecaster's Creations - Bones - loincloth  **FGC** - Opens Feb 7th @ Noon -
Horn: Pucca Firecaster's Creations - Bones - horn  **FGC** - Opens Feb 7th @ Noon -
Bow: Ariskea - [ Sentinel ] The Bow Back **Old FGC gacha item**

Poses Used: Thrust Poses - Various Pose Sets

It might just be another day in the hood, but that's not gonna stop a girl like me from getting out and about around town! The pavement is a little too hot today for poor little puppy paws, so I've taken to carrying the sweet little guy around. He seems to like it up here!

What I'm wearing:
Head / Body: TMP
Hair: Truth Hair - Sicily
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Glasses: Reckless - Aviators
Cig: Nikotin - Premium Cig (Classic)
Necklace / Earrings: Swallow - Rosary Necklace / Cross Earrings
Rings: Real Evil Industries - Ice Queen Rings
Phone: FLite - Fly Phone (Poly Skull) **Old Arcade Item**
Tattoo: Identity - Broken Glass
Jacket: CoCo - Fringe Leather Jacket (Black)
Top: Blueberry - Lola Bustier **C88 / Jan**
Skirt: Blueberry - Kyla Strapped Mini Skirt   **NEW**
Shoes: REIGN -  SYBILL HEELS (Black)  **Saturday Sale Item**

Poses Used: Thrust Poses - Lost Connection Sets

Puppy Buddy: Alchemy - Doge - French bulldog - Hoodie -  Black **Old Gacha Item**

Another day, another nap. You know how it is, we ladies have to keep up on the beauty sleep! Ok, not really - I just like to sleep. A lot. Often. I can't help it! I have a super comfy spot, nice poofy pillows, a mask to blot out any sunlight and my favorite little buddy to snuggle up to... sounds like pre-nap perfection! Now excuse me while I doze off...

What I'm wearing: 
Head/Body: TMP
Hair: Truth Hair - Kasimire **The Epiphany**
Mask: REIGN - Beautification Sleep Mask Ruffled RARE **No21**
Pajamas: Sweet Things - Hungry Bunny Pjs  **Kustom9**
Ring: OtC - Collar Ring (Blk)
Slippers: Quirky - Fuzzy Pals Slippers (Bunny / White)  **Seasons Story**
Pug: Birdy - Puggly (Bunny) RARE **Old Arcade Item**

Couch: Consignment - Lazy Sofa
Magazines: Fashionably Dead - Magazines **Old Arcade Item**
Ice Cream: 8f8 -    **Old Arcade Item**
Bag: David Heather - Spilled Satchel **Old Arcade Item**
Another day, another amazing area to explore. It's time to get outside and enjoy that scenery! If the weather prevents you from enjoying the outdoors, there's plenty of places in Second Life for you to explore and the weather never manages to catch you unaware... but even if it does, it's not like you get cold - so get out there! Explore, wander, tour that scenery like it's a day job!

What I'm wearing: 
Head / Body: TMP
Hair: Truth Hair - Bernadette
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Necklace / Earrings: MG - Barcelona Set
Tattoo: Reckless - Joon
Rings: Real Evil Industries - Ice Queen Rings  **Season's story / Jan 2016**
Drink: REIGN - Fraps (Mocha) #23  **No21**
Bag: Maitreya - Mesh Shopper (Smoke)
Top: Just Because - Lace Bustier  **Uber**
Jeans: Just Because - Designer Jeans  **Uber**
Armlet and Belt: Kibitz - Arya **old gacha items**
Shoes: REIGN - Hannah Wedges (Black)

Poses: Thrust Poses - Que Pose Set

The new round of the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, coming soon - FEB. 7th, is going to be Star Wars vs Game of Thrones! Geeks and nerds unite! Bestill my nerdy heart, I'm so excited! Mark your calandars, this will be yet another round to remember. <3

It's been a long week, TGIF! We all have those favored weekend plans, even if it's plopping down on your favorite comfortable couch and just zoning off into space.. but regardless of those plans, at least the week is over! As for me, I think I'll catch my breath and chill for a few before I hit the town. As you can see, kitty thinks she's coming with me. Bad kitty!

What I'm wearing: 
Head / Body: TMP
Hair: Truth hair - Sicily
Glasses: Reckless - Aviators
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Eyeliner: Mua - All the things (Pack2)
Necklace: Zibska - Afton necklace
Bracelets: Mandala - Sankara (Black)
Outfit: Tres Blah -  Helena Outfit - Valen  **No21**
Shoes: REIGN - Inferno Heels (Pomegranate)

Chair: Consignment - Oversized Corner Chair - Black   **Fameshed**
Purse: Rowne - Vittoria Leather Tote - Onyx
Kitty: Black Bantam - Standing Little Kitten - Cirra Calico Nakey  **Old Kustom9 Gacha Item**
Magazines: Fashionably Dead - Fashion Magazines  **Old Arcade gacha item**