The winter season is upon us, now would be the time to soak up those rays while you can! Find a nice warm place to sit, grab a book or your smartphone and get out there and enjoy it while you still can! Before you know it the blistering cold and wintery roads will come rolling in, and we'll all be yearning for summer.

What I'm wearing: 
Head/Body: TMP
Hair: Truth Hair - Neema (Gingers) **NEW**
Crown: Luas - Corina Headpiece RARE **Old gacha item**
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Necklace: Eudora - 3D Alseide Neckpiece Winter **The Secret Affair**
Wings: Astralia - Angelica wings RARE **FGC**
Dress: -tres blah- Artemis Dress - Black
Wrists: The Forge -Plaid Bracer, Female (Gold)  **Old FGC Item**

Clouds: +Half-Deer+ - Simple Clouds - Stratus & Cumulus

After a long day of digging in the sand, it's good to take a load off and rest your mind. It's so exciting, unearthing long lost items and artifacts, discovering cultures and key evidence to the existence of Royalty or Dinosaurs. It really makes you think of how life must have been like back in that time, and seeing the bones of history slowly revealed beneath the sand is certainly something to marvel at.

What I'm wearing:
Head/Body: TMP
Hair: Truth Hair - Ami **On Sale Now - 12 days of savings*
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Glasses: Reckless - Aviators
Necklace/Earrings: Mandala - Onigiri Set (Silver)
Watch: Flite - GQ Watch (Black) **Old Arcade Item**
Ring: OtC - Collar Ring (BLK)
Top: Addams - Rome Body Shirt  **Uber**
Pants: Addams - Grecia Suit Pants  **Uber**
Shoes: REIGNxFlite - Devon Boots (tan) **Uber**

Pose: Thrust Poses - Tomboy Set

Consignment - Fossil Hunter - Crate Chairs **Old Arcade Item**
Consignment - Fossil Hunter - T-Rex Rare **Old Arcade Item**
Consignment - Fossil Hunter - Bag **Old Arcade Item**
Consignment - Fossil Hunter -  Table  **Old Arcade Item**
Consignment - Fossil HunterTent **Old Arcade Item**

"You gotta go and get angry at all of my honesty... you know I try but I don't do too well with apologies... " Don't mind me, I'm just sitting here on my break trying to relax a bit. If you can deal with my bad singing feel free to pull up a seat!

What I'm wearing:
Head/Body: TMP
Hair: Truth Hair - Echo
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Oxidation)
Headphones: Enfant Terrible -  Suko Set - Exclusive headphones - Black/Gold  **UBER**
Ring: OtC - Collar Ring (Black)
Top/Jacket: Blueberry - Suko Set Jacket &Harness **UBER**
Pants: Just Because - Editorial Pants (Black)  **UBER**
Shoes: REIGN - Posh Pumps (Black)

Just before the sun comes over the horizon, before the last star fades into oblivion and the golden hues of sunlight takes it's shine from the skies, that moment is when the veil is it's thinnest, allowing all manner of creatures a moment of freedom. It might only be a matter of seconds to mortal eyes, but in the realm of the mystic those few seconds last a lifetime.

What I'm wearing: 
Head/Body: TMP
Hair: little bones - Reckless **No21**
Horns: May's Soul - Drakonian angel Horns  **FGC**
Wings: May's Soul - Drakonian angel Wings **FGC**
Roses: Ma Vie - Sugar Hiccup Headpiece - Blood Roses
Halo: Zyn ~ Moon Angel Halo **FGC**
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Necklace: Kibitz - Pyr Necklace (Black)
Corset: May's Soul - Drakonian angel Corset (Black) **FGC**
Skirt: Muka - Lavina Black **Old Gacha Item**
Bracelets: LouLouCo - Crepuscule

Another lovely fall day, it's best to get out there and enjoy it while you can! The snow is coming soon, the weather is already starting to turn colder and the trees have almost shed all their leaves. If you're going to spend some time outdoors, now is the time to do it!

What I'm wearing: 
Head/Body: TMP
Hair: Truth Hair - Carrie
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Earrings: MG - Vallari Hoops
Top: R3Volt - Maya Top [v1] **NEW**
Tattoo: Reckless - Sleepless Eye
Bracelets: Faun - Geometric Bracelets (White)
Ring: OtC - Collar Ring (Blk)
Jeans: Cynful - Skinny Jeans
Shoes: REIGN - Posh Pumps (White)

Just another day in the city, you'd think they'd get someone out here to clean up the streets around here but it seems low on their priorities at the moment. None the less, I enjoy the hustle and bustle of this side of town, everyone is always on the move and coming and going from here and there.

What I'm wearing:
Head/Body: TMP
Hair: Truth Hair - Delta (Browns03)
Headphones: Ispachi - Attero Futuristic Vintage Headphones
Eyes: IKON - Triumph Eyes (Oxidation)
Piercing: Kibitz - Dimp Gem Piercing (Silver)
Cig: Nikotin - Classic Cigarette - Premium
Necklace: OtC - Choked (Blk)
Jacket/Top: Blueberry - Asia Leather Jacket  **NEW**
Pants: Blueberry - Rene Pants
Boots: GOS - Triumph Boots (Black/Tight)

Those leaves are changing, beautiful colors all around us as they fall to our feet and restart the cycle of the seasons. Although the weather is a bit chilly for my liking, this time of year brings to mind a lot of amazing things! Pumpkin pie, family get togethers, turkey and hot chocolate to name a few. What are your favorite things about the fall season?

What I'm wearing: 
Head/Body: TMP
Hair: Truth Hair - Dasha
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes - Quicksilver
Necklace/Earrings: Mandala - Kyara Set - Desert
Top: Blueberry - Roro Cropped Top **NEW**
Pants: Kitja Cherie - Noir Pants - Black
Shoes: Hucci - Urbana Pump - Nude
Purse: Azoury - Iconic - Nude

This is my jaaaaam! Turn up the tunes, time to go! Girl, do you even skate? Can you dance on those wheels? Can you skate backwards? It's all about having fun and staying active, so throw on your best pair of shorts, grab those skates and let's get it!

What I'm wearing: 
Head/Body: TMP
Hair: +SpellBound+ - Bubsy
Eyes: IKON - Triumph Eyes (Oxidation)
Piercing: Kibitz - Dimp Gem Piercings (Silver)
Earrings/Necklace: MG - Sirius Star Crystal Set
Bracelet: MG - Bangles - Damasc Bangle 2 - SILVER
Watch: Flite - GQ Watch (Black) **Old Gacha Item**
Tattoo: Reckless - Sleepless Eye
Top: Blueberry - Miki TankTop **NEW**
Shorts: Just Because - Cora Shorts
Skates: NCore - Skates (Violet) **Kustom9**

Boombox: Bad Unicorn Clothing - 808 Boombox (Silver/RARE) **Old Gacha Item**
Be still and worry not, mortal. Calm the whirlpool of thoughts that swirl through your mind for I am not here to harm you, but to help you. Come, allow me to raise you above the trials and tribulations of your species, to protect you from famine, war, and the other sins of your race. Permit me to transport you to a better place, a haven away from all of this, a place where you'll be safe. All you need to do is take my hand. Do you trust me?

What I'm wearing: 
Head/Body: TMP
Hair: Truth - Tyr
Halo: Souzou Elen - Choir of Angels - Virtues Halo - RARE **FGC**
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Wrists: Boom - Fearless Cuffs (Gold)
Dress: Junbug - Electra

Clouds: +Half-Deer+ - Simple Cloud
Stars: KeKe - Star Glitter