.Crank it up.

Welcome back, my favorite little blog stalkers! :D I'm back and have brought you some more urban goodness, mix and match, here and there, new and old - you know how I do! I do hope you enjoy! <3
The headphones, an instant favorite / must have for anyone from the masterminds behind Remarkable Oblivion and available exclusively at the 100 Block Event (ends 5.31.13), are GORGEOUS. Great textures, resizer makes for easy fit (able to mod x, y, z), and definitely an eye catcher! Attention to detail everywhere, these are a music freak's dream headphones in every way. Bestill my vintage heart, these scream 1950s but with a modern twist! You'd never think a microphone would make great headphones - one sends and one receives - but the way Remarkable Oblivion has created these must have headphones was simply a stroke of genius! LOVE. <3
The kicks, a new item from the talented creator behind 2Real are just what the doctor ordered, a great fit for any girl's closet! Who doesn't love shoes? And customizeable shoes, all controlled from a wearable hud? No Brainer. That's like having your favorite pair of shoes in every color, yet.. think of the saved closet space! Heh. Great textures, love the color combos, attention to detail, great shoes - period. Make sure to check them out! \o/
On to the fashion!

What I'm wearing:
Skin: Glam Affair - Cleo **NEW**
Hair: Magika - Honest
Eyes: IKON - Ardent Eyes (clarity)
Top: R3volt - Cross Tee
Shorts: Apple May Designs - Work Shorts (coal) **NEW**
Shoes: 2real - Low Freestylerz **NEW**
Socks: Shabby Cat - Tube Socks (gray)
Headphones: Remarkable Oblivion - Megahertz Earphones **100 Block**
Necklace: KOSH - Sanctuary Necklace
Earrings: KOSH - Sanctuary Earrings
Bracelet: KOSH - Sanctuary Bracelet
Knuckles: FANATIK - Knuckle Duster


  1. Love your post ;)

  2. Thank you so much, Axsis! The feedback is so very appreciated <3