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Hello my lovelies, I'm back and have brought you another hot little urbanite outfit for you today, I do hope you enjoy!
The jacket, a newer item from the talented creators behind +Grasp+, is gorgeous! I love love love it. Great texture, amazing attention to detail, a fur add on for the jacket hood in the back, zero modding for my shape and just overall a really beautiful jacket. \o/
The pants, a new item from Auxiliary available at the January TDR Fusion event, caught my eye the minute I landed. Who doesn't love a little animal print to spice up their wardrobe? Available in 3 separate animal print accents to choose from, I think I might just have to go back and grab the zebra ones! I love these jeans! Great fit, little modding required, beautiful texturing, nice attention to detail and did I mention that they have freakin' skulls on them?! * hordes them all in her closet * >.> Love it!
The necklace, an item sent to me from the talented creator behind {Trinket}, is beyond cute. Nice leather strap instead of a chain, cute little accent bead at the ends near the main accent piece, the silver rings. I love this sort of jewelry, it's simple, classic and can be dressed up or down, based on your outfit. Great texturing, nice attention to detail and just overall a great piece of jewelry! :D
On to the fashion!
What I'm wearing:
Hair: Truth - Zuzka (Blaze) **NEW**
Teeth: [ PXL ] - Open Mouth Pro
Necklace: {Trinket} - Admiration Necklace
Jacket: +Grasp+ - Fur Hooded Military Jacket (black)
Pants: [Aux] - Belted Flairs (Leopard) **TDR** (Jan)
Tape: Luck Inc - Finger Tape
Nails: [Mandala] - Sinra Nails (CK Black)
Shoes: 2Real - F wings


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