.Sinful Anatomy.

Hello again, my lovlies! I'm back and have brought you a bit of a special edition bloggy post today, I do hope you enjoy!
Center stage is the one and only [ PXL ], and their beautiful new 7sins skins, in the gacha located in store! Each and every one of them beautiful in their own way, various makeups with each modeled after each of the seven sins... and at 99L each try? Uh , yes please!
The shape, a wonderful new item available at Anatomy, is simply amazing! I love Anatomy for this very reason, Glitch Grantham (the mastermind behind the store) makes the shapes appear more natural than those cookie cutter shapes you seem to find elsewhere. Nicely curved hips, I'd age her at about early 20s, delicate features, slender legs/arms with a little junk in the trunk, smaller shoulders and breasts, overall just a very cute little shape! Love it!
On to the fashion!

Shape: Anatomy - Eros **NEW**
Skin: [PXL] -Kate *7 sins (Gacha) **NEW**
Hair: Truth - Nydia **NEW**
Arm Tattoo: Vestigium - Lady Muerte
Necklace: LouLou&Co - Matryoshka (Black)
Bangles: Amorous - Bangled (1)
Top: !Blah - My Criss-cross Strapless Bodice (Red) **The Boobies Show** **NEW**
Shorts: League - Sunday Sweatshorts (black)
Shoes: 2Real - E-wings

Skin/Hair (in order)
PXL -KATE (Envy) / Truth - Nydia (Seasand)
PXL -KATE (Gluttony)*Rare* / Truth - Nydia (Chocberry)
PXL -KATE (Greed) / Truth - Nydia (pumpkinpie)
PXL -KATE (Lust) *Rare* / Truth - Nydia (blaze)
PXL -KATE (Pride) / Truth - Nydia (Elvira)
PXL -KATE (Sloth) / Truth - Nydia (Chocmint)
PXL -KATE (Wrath) / Truth - Nydia (Toast)


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