Hello again, my favorite little bloggerites! I've brought you yet another delicious little outfit today, and more! I do hope you enjoy.
The dress, an instant favorite from Cold Logic, is exactly what I'd expect to find from a store in their class. Original designs, great textures, amazing wrinkles and folds in all the right places, subtle shading, and a fit that requires little to no modding! I love love love this little jacket/dress! :D
The camera, ohhhhh bestill my little redheaded photographer heart! An AMAZING creation from Tee*fy (at the arcade event), is a Vintage Brownie Camera, grandpa's old camera. Loooove it! It's a rare collection from the gachas, but so very worth it. ♥
On to the fashion!

What I'm wearing:
Skin: Glam Affair - Lilith
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Noriko (Rouge)
Dress/Jacket: Cold Logic - Kimber (black/red)
Boots: Ten10 - Megas Boots (black)
Makeup1: [Plastik] - Soul Ink (Goth)
Makeup2: [PF] Elly Cosmetics <Maple> - Glam Lipstick (Burgundy)
Camera: Tee*fy - Vintage Brownie Camera (Portal) **The Arcade**
Nails: Mstyle - Animals on the moon (black/red)

Photograph taken at the Paris sim <3

And ofc the one I messed with in photoshop:


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