.Hamster Love.

Hello again, my darling little bloggerites! I've brought you a truckload of mesh cuteness today, in the form of these beyond adorable little hamster avatars!
Full body mesh Dwarf Hamster Avatar made by ::BEETLEBONES:: , it's tiny, alpha/shape/hud also included of course! I just couldn't resist, these little furry hamster avi's are the most adorable things I've seen in a long time... I even talked and sadfaced my darling Cross into wearing one  - they're just that AWESOME! :D And so is he, just sayin'. (love you, baby!) ♥
On to the hamster cuteness!

Are you kidding me?! LOOK AT THEM! :D
Cross (on the left) is wearing the "Toast" colored dwarf hamster - available at the Arcade Event going on now, from the amazing store ::BEETLEBONES::!
And I'm wearing the "Panda" colored version of the dwarf hamster from ::BEETLEBONES::  - available in the gatcha machine at the Arcade Event as well.


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