.The Maze.

You have 24 hours to find your way through the maze, and lurking around every corner could be untold danger, and every room potentially holds priceless treasures, if one is brave enough to face the danger within. Monsters of every caliber roaming the corridors, uprooted from their homes, stolen away from their tribes and they've become very.. very angry. They roam the corridors beyond, looking to take all of their confusion and rage out on someone, anyone. Who put them here, and why? Better yet, how do you get past them unscathed? You have no weapons, no recollection of how you ended up here, and no idea how to get out. You can stay where you are and hope for rescue, or you can work your way through the maze and try to find a way out. What do you do?

What I'm wearing: 
Head/Body: TMP
Hair: Catwa - Victoria
Mask: *Sweet Kajira* Morgana Mask red/gold **FGC**
Horns: *Sweet Kajira* Morgana Horns gold/2 **FGC**
Nose Ring: Kibitz - Crunchy Nose Ring **FGC**
Collar: *Sweet Kajira* Morgana gold Necklace   **FGC**
Dress: *Sweet Kajira* Morgana Dress  red/gold **FGC**
Wrists: *Sweet Kajira* Morgana gold armband **FGC**
Ankles: *Sweet Kajira* Morgana gold shin guard  **FGC**


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