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So a few days ago Signature released a Gianni Mesh Head which is compatible with their Gianni Body. I decided to give it a go, purchase the head, and see what it has to offer - - so far.
At it’s current state with a 3,000L price tag, I can’t say I 100% recommend the purchase (mainly because of competition), but I can say I have confidence that they will continue to update their product, and it will be 100% worth it down the road. The body however, is still very worth it and the best [to me] in SL, my opinion there hasn’t changed.

Head: Signature - Gianni Head
Body: Signature - Gianni Body
Gianni Head Features:
  • You can use skins the head came with, that perfectly match their body skin. There are 12 tones included.
  • It is omega compatible, built right in, no converter necessary. It also has ways like their body to add your own textures via UUID.
  • It has 5 layers as most heads do, so you can add the skin, hair, beards, brows, and tattoos. All of which can be tinted.
  • It comes 2 default hair basesbrows, and beards. (tintable)
  • You can Hide/Show Ears
  • There are more appliers in their shop for brows, beards, and hair bases. (~360L each pack)
What it needs (Personal Opinion):
  • Bento. I’ve been told they’re not sure how easy a conversion to Bento is, but if it doesn’t require too much work they will upgrade Gianni to Bento. However, in the meantime if they aren’t sure I feel there should be something else to make the head less static, as this head has to compete with others out with more options.
  • It needs optional expressions, open mouth/lip options, teeth/tongue, eyes able to be opened or closed, and the ability to disable blinking.
  • I am also hopeful they add in materials to both their body and head, maybe even ways people can add materials themselves to them. Or at least add a slider to adjust the shine on it.
  • I’d also prefer a presets tab in the HUD people can save appliers to, similar to Catwa.
If you’d like some of these features or others, the best way to have them update is to make sure you notecard your feedback to them (Mona Delpiaz) so they know what people want in their body and head. So far I’ve found them to be very responsive and listen to peoples ideas.
So that wraps it up.. 
Is the head good?: So far yes!
Will I change from Catwa as it sits?: No, but time will tell as they update!
If you are considering the purchase, always DEMO before you buy!  

- Cross Aura 

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