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Hello again, my rockin' little blog stalkers! I'm back, and I've brought you yet another mix and match outfit of awesomeness today, I do hope you enjoy.
The top, a recent addition to the line at Emery, was an absolute must.have for any rocker girl's closet, and an instant favorite for me. Love the texturing, the design ( \m/ ), little to no modding for my shape, and drapes across your body rather nicely. My only complaint on this one is that the alpha doesn't go down far enough, and when you raise your arms above your head in certain ways, your upper arm eats through the shirt itself and pokes through. Not enough to deter me from rockin' this kickass shirt, obviously! :D
The pants, an old school favorite of mine from Razorblade Jacket are non mesh, low cut, angled waistline, rips in all the right places and just an overall great pair of jeans. Love them. <3
The hands are a new addition to the ever expanding line at Slink! I love them, they have several different hand "sets" out, so you're able to choose a pair, or 2, or 4... and mix and match, as well! Love love loooove them. Easily tintable (even though I'm lazy and made my bf do it, he said the hud was easily maneuvered ♥ Cross), resizeable, comes with wrist attachment as well as hand attachment, a tattoo layer with an arm blend option, and many different nail colors to choose from! I'll be going back for yet another set later >.>
The ears are a new item from Mandala, yet another one of my favorite stores. Today is like a goldmine! :D Mesh ears, resizeable, tintable, interchangeable texturing on the plugs, option to have tunnel, lots of textures there too as well. Looove them!
On to the fashion!

What I'm wearing:
Skin: Belleza - Lily v2 (w/red brows)
Hair: Truth - Rory (sangria w/ roots)
Top: Emery - Mesh Top Metal (light grey)
Jeans: Razorblade Jacket - Ripped to hell Jeans
Shoes: *Coco* - Engineer Boots (black)
Necklace: -tb- - Cross Necklace (black)
Belt: Blitzed - Legacy Belt (black)
Bracelets: Blitzed - Legacy Cuffs (black)
Piercing: -HOD- - Provocation (razor)
Hands: Slink! - Mesh Hand (horns) **NEW**
Eyes: Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes (spring teal)
Lashes: *GA* - Mesh Lashes (mysteria)
Makeup: [Plastik] - Soul Ink (goth)
Beauty Mark: Pekka - Beauty Mark (3)
Teeth: [ PXL ] - Open Mouth Pro
Ears: [Mandala] - Stretched Ears **NEW**

Photographs taken at: No Salvation
And the quick edit <3


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