Hello again, my darlings! I'm back and have brought you yet another delicious little shape courtesy of Anatomy! I do hope you enjoy.
Yet another amazing creation from the talented creator behind Anatomy, "Laurie" is just gorgeous. Cute face,  thick luscious lips, sexy feline eyes, cute button nose, and defined cheekbones. Large B/small C cup chest size and a full curvaceous hip resulting in a nice little hourglass shape! Nice shapely thighs, naturally curved booty, and I just love the natural overall look to it! Anatomy has outdone themselves once again, they have surely found their niche in this world, creating amazing naturally curvy shapes! Check it out <3
On to the shape!
Shape: Anatomy - Laurie **NEW**
Hair: Truth - Cheyenne (Cupcake) **NEW**
Lingerie: Su! - Desir Lingerie (natural) **NEW**
Shoes: Redgrave - Rose

And the quick edit <3


  1. It would be helpful if you'd provide links or at least the creator's name so I could look up an lm to her store from profile picks. Anatomy doesn't come up in search, so as it stands, I can't find this shape store.

  2. Thanks for the feedback.
    The majority of my posts lately have had links provided, but considering that this was posted at 1am my time, I'm sure it can be overlooked.

    Here is your requested link.