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Hello again, my darling little bloggerites! I'm back with a deliciously cute new outfit for you today, with lots of blue and cream tones, new and old items, mesh and non mesh items... you're gonna love it. Something for everyone! :D
So of course everyone is raving over the Arcade event, and all the rare items within. I was pretty lucky and managed to get a lot of the items I wanted on the first few tries or due to trading my butt off to get them (sooo addicting, LOL!) so naturally I've been featuring a few of them in the blog as I've went along and today is no exception.
Tada! Rare Unicorn mouse ears from [Auxiliary]! One of the biggest hits from the arcade, seems like everyone and their brother has been trying to snag a pair for themselves or a friend, and I was lucky enough to grab a pair out of the gacha machine. Woot! Aren't they adorable? Rainbow bow, this cute little light blue ear color, diamond studs... I love them! *clutches it dramatically*
The scarf, the webbed scarf - another awesome hit of the Arcade courtesy of Tres Blah - is just darling. Nice cream and blue tones to it, wrinkles and folds in all the expected places, as well as a nice drape to it as it hangs around your neck. Only downfall I can find with it is it is definitely not made for the ladies with the larger busts, I had to scale mine down to about 45 to get it to fit. Worth the temporary reduction in size, in my opinion! :D
On to the fashion!

What I'm wearing:
Skin: Belleza - Erika (tan 11)
Hair: Truth - Demi (Fades/chocmint) **NEW**
Mouse ears: [Auxiliary] - Gacha Mouse Ears (Studs) - Unicorn RARE **The Arcade**
Eyes: .ID. - Mesh Eyes (shimmer/hazel)
Lashes: *GA* Mesh Lashes (Fantasia)
Makeup: [PF] Elly Cosmetics <maple> - Doll Gloss (Tart)
Beauty Mark: .Pekka. - Beauty Marks
Top: Fri. - Basic Cami (Cream)
Scarf: -tb- -  Webbed Scarf **The Arcade**
Skirt: [NV] - 520 Jean Miniskirt (blue)
Shoes: 2real - Stackz shoes **NEW**
Nails: Mstyle - Long nails v2  (Blue my Mind)
Earrings: [Mandala] - Pearl Rain 2 Earring
Watch: [Mandala] - Hokusai (white/silver)

Furniture Photographed:
{what next}'Boho-Chic'  Set 1 (2 chairs, 3 prints, 1 table, 1 lamp)
{what next} Morning Tea Chaise (updated)

and the quick edit <3


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