The land is quiet... too quiet. Even the smallest of animals have hurriedly scampered back to their dens, and seemingly out of no where. There is a foul voice on the air, almost indistinguishable over the buzz and hum of the wildlife, and slowly the skies begin to turn amber and darken with each passing moment. There is a dark presence here, and it's intent is clear. I must hurry or all is lost, the Elders must know about this, and soon. War is upon us.

What I'm wearing: 
Head / Body: TMP
Hair: Truth Hair - Arwen
Headpiece: Luas Voodoo Girl Crown RARE  **FGC**
Forehead: Luas Voodoo Girl Circlet RARE    **FGC**
Nose: RealEvil Industries - Dark Queen Septum Ring
Lipstick: Zibska - Blacktop Lips
Eye 1: Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Green Tourmaline)
Eye 2:Clemmm - The Whites
Necklace: Luas Voodoo Girl Necklace RARE  **FGC**
Top: Luas Voodoo Girl Bra Black  **FGC**
Arms: Luas Voodoo Girl Bracer RARE  **FGC**
Wrists: Luas Voodoo Girl Bracelet RARE  **FGC**
Waist: Luas Voodoo Girl Belt RARE  **FGC**
Staff: Apple Fall - Light Staff  **Old Gacha Item**

Poses: Thrust Poses 


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