Another calm day across the sea, I think it's time to spice things up a bit. A little magic here, a little know how there... and a sudden storm appears over a passing ship, luring them ever closer to my lair, to where they can hear my song calling to them. Once under it's spell, sailors have been known to ignore all signs of peril in their quest to find where the song is coming from... or who sings it. With any luck, they'll crash upon the rocky outskirts and I'll have yet another soul to claim as they sink to Davy Jones' locker to meet the man himself. It's shaping up to be a good day!

What I'm wearing:
Head / Body: TMP
Hair: Exile - Rain **Old Gacha Item**
Horns: +Half-Deer+ - Aventine Horns - Kraken RARE **Old Gacha Item**
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Necklace: Aisling - Circe [Chakra Throat/Aqua]  **FGC**
Arms:  Aisling - Circe Upperarm RARE **FGC**
Wrists: Aisling - Circe Forearm RARE  **FGC**
Nails: RealEvil Industries - Precious
Dress: Devious Mind - Namika - DragonsilkDress (ICE)  **FGC**