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NX-Nardcotix David Mesh Body Review
As always the views expressed here are opinion.
My primary body is Signature:Gianni. So I will compare and contrast a little to that body, as to me it’s still the best out there.

The Good
  • I love that this body allows materials. That’s been something I’ve hoped for and requested on Gianni that isn’t available. This allows a lot of nice features and effects in SL photography.
  • The body is very well proportioned. I think people who preferred TMP over Gianni may like NX-David.
  • The body is a very low price of 1750L, even less (-10%) if you wear their group tag.
  • It does have Omega compatibility so Omega skin appliers will work. You will have to purchase the Omega Relay since it isn’t built in for 99L at the main store. I have noticed some skins will be off though in the nipple and bellybutton areas (as you can see in pic, using l’etres omega applier). 
  • Body applier Dev-Kits are available at their store.
  • I wasn’t too impressed with the included hands/feet however it is compatible with slink feet, and they say they will have a bento version of the body out soon.
The Bad
  • There were no boxers or pre-made clothing released with the body, they mostly hope you solve that yourself. From what I hear people got Deadwool to work well in most cases with the body.
  • The alpha cuts need a lot of work, my recommended version of where I hope to see cuts is below. They decided to not continue some lines on alphas which makes no sense to me, as with a lot of clothing this way you will have a gap of alpha either in the arms or ass. I did give them feedback to this, in which they tried to tell me just put the ass to 0 (facepalms). So personally, I don’t have too much faith in the support team as of right now. I hope that changes.
  • They haven’t given much information on how people will be able to receive the mesh dev kits, only that they are working to release them soon. I feel that this should have been released the same day, because of their odd alpha cuts. I’m also hoping they aren’t as picky as TMP was originally in handing out dev kits.
  • (where I see alphas can be greatly improved) ↓ ↓ ↓

Overall I would recommend people demo the body.  I fully believe after some alpha fixes, it could be an equally nice alternative to Gianni.
Store SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nardcotix/207/35/2823

- Cross Aura

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