.Pray for a Sign.

It's been a dark day in the kingdom, many men have fallen on the battlefield and it has left a dark cloud over the hearts and minds of the people. It's been a hard won battle, and with the loss of forces, it leaves us weak and open to further attack. The people fear for the coming days, for the future of their people, their children. What will become of this land, these people? Bow your heads in prayer and hope for a sign.

What I'm wearing:
Head / Body: TMP
Head Piece: Aisling - Phryne tiara RARE   **FGC**
Hair: Truth Hair - Carrie
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Top: Aisling - Phryne Bra (Black)   **FGC**
Arms: Aisling - Phryne Sleeves (Black)   **FGC**
Bottoms: Aisling - Phryne Panties (Black)   **FGC**
Skirt: Aisling - Phryne Skirt (Black)   **FGC**

Candles: Pilot - Romantic Candlesticks (Black)
Roses: Catwa - Laying Roses (Red)


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