Welcome back, my darling little blog stalkers! I've returned with a bit of a creative post today, courtesy of my fabulous fiancee - who completely harrassed me into making a dark doll photograph and this is just where I went with it. HA! Here's the song I was listening to as I did the photographs - have a listen!  -> Tune!  <-
The tutu, a gorgeous item from none other than Sakide and available in stores and on the marketplace is simply a must have for any girl's closet! Who doesn't like to wear fluffy skirts and prance around like a ballerina? It's lovey, well made, great textures and zero modding for my shape. Love it!
The necklace, a newer item from the oh so talented creator behind Mandala and also available in stores or on the marketplace is a must have for any girl's theatrical side. Large and in charge, sits just above your cleavage, and certainly draws attention to your neckline - among other things. Well made, beautiful gem work, and exactly what you'd expect from a well reputed and long standing store such as this. Love it!
On to the details!
What I'm wearing:
Skin: Belleza - Ashley (Tan/BBB 2 R ) **BBB**
Hair: Truth - Candy
Eyes: Clemmm - Whiteout Eyes
Eyeliner: Plastik - Soul Ink reloaded (liner/smudge)
Lipstick: Pink Fuel - Elly Cosmetics - Glam Lipstick (burgundy)
Facial scars: Little Pricks - Road Rash
Cuffs/Gloves: LouLou&Co - Crepuscule 
Nails: Rozoregalia - Gemma Nails
Hair Piece: Glam Affair - Queen of Roses (black)
Corset: R3Volt - Reika Corset [v1]
Tutu: [SAKIDE] - Silk Tutu Skirt (black)
Shoes: L'emporio - Etoile ballet shoes (black)
Necklace: Mandala - Tefutefu set (black)
Collar: Pekka - Spiked Collar (silver/black) **The Mens Dept**

And the close up!


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