.Naught but Your Imagination.

The snow is falling faster now, the sun has dipped below the horizon and the more time that passes, the less you can make out her footprints in the snow. You caught a glimpse of her darting between the trees deep in the forest, and you've been trailing her ever since. How will you find her now that her footprints have gone? Now that there's nothing but pale moonlight shimmering between the stark branches of the trees? Was it even real, or was it naught but your imagination?

What I'm wearing: 
Head/Body: TMP
Halo: Souzou Eien - Choir of Angels - Powers Halo - RARE  **FGC - Nov/Dec**
Hair: Truth Hair - Solace **We <3 RP**
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Eyeliner: Glam Affair - Couture Liner (No3)
Earrings: Yummy - Large Pearl Earring (White)
Necklace/Bracelets: Mandala - Pearl Rain (Season3)
Dress: JunBug - Antoinette - Cream

Poses Used: Thrust Poses - Ballerina Pose Set


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