Hello again, my darlings! I've returned with yet another themed post for you today, I just couldn't resist. Mix and match, here and there, this and that - you know how we do. Enjoy!
The eyepatch, a brand spanking new item from the oh so talented Mister Cross Aura of OtC and available via the marketplace is simply a must have for anyone's accessory closet! Well made mesh item, comes in several versions - such as with a cross, without a cross, materials, and both left and right versions for all of the above... all for under 100L. *Flails* Shut up and take my monies! That's one hell of a deal considering the detail on this gorgeous little eyepatch - make sure to check it out! Love it! <3
The collar, another amazing item from OtC and also available via the marketplace is yet another must have, attention to detail from every angle, amazing texture work, comes in both unscripted and RLV versions, as well as available in Black, Silver, or Gold! Love it!
The chaise and the snake are both items from none other than Rogan Diesel of Diesel Works, and yet more must have items! The chaise, well made mesh item with gorgeous textures and tons of poses preinstalled is a beautiful addition to any home, as well as a great pose prop for sitting photography! The snake, another Diesel Works item, comes from a very handy little hud you wear to rez 10 differently coiled snakes, this one being #10, of course. You can click to change textures from green to albino to the one pictured below - and here's the kicker. It's a pose. You actually click the snake, sit on it as you would a piece of furniture, and you're posed with it! Naturally, I have to be difficult and not do that for this post... >.> But they're amazing none the less! Make sure to check out both!

What I'm wearing:
Skin: Belleza - Ria Tan (5BR)
Hair: Truth - Venus
Eyes: IKON - Promise Eyes (Silverleaf)
Eyepatch: On The Cross - Crossed Patch **NEW**
Teeth: Illmatic - The Perfect Teeth v2
Collar: On The Cross - Chained Collar (Black) **NEW**
Hands: Slink - Mesh Hands (Casual)
Nails:  [Shock] - Glam Rock Nails **100 Block**
Jacket/Shirt: ColdLogic - Tate (Onyx)
Pants: ColdLogic - Eise Trousers (Black)
Feet: Slink - Mesh Feet (High)
Shoes: Hucci - Jacmel Pumps (BlackWidow)
Briefcase: PILOT - Serious Business [ Black ]

Furniture / Decor:
Chaise: Diesel Works - Vanity Chaise - Black
Snake: Diesel Works - Serpent
Money: SORGO - Euros Stack 200e **Old Arcade Item**
Gun: SORGO - Silent 11.43 RARE  **Old Arcade Item**

Here's a look at the patches not pictured above, both left and right versions (as well as the badass collar)! <3 (note: This is a very simple edit, no blurring, no color filters, etc. I fixed the lines around my nose and under my chin, because I'm a weirdo and just had to! The point of this is this is exactly what the patch will look like in game.)

and the close up! :D


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