.Oh My Carrots!.

Hello and Hoppy Easter! Welcome back to Fatally Stylish! As always, we've brought you yet another super cute little post today, with Easter Sunday - we couldn't resist! Enjoy.
The avatar, a new and adorable item from the mastermind behind Alchemy and now available at the current round of The Season's Story in several colors, is simply precious! Gorgeous textures, comes with a base set of clothing - although other tutu / bow combos are also available for purchase! Also comes with an adorable little basket o' eggs for those quick hops through the woods. Make sure to check it out! 
What I'm wearing: 
Avatar: Alchemy - Spring Bunny Av (Carrot)  **Season's Story**
Basket: Alchemy - Sunny Bunny - Basket O' Eggs (included with avatar)
Crown: Remarkable Oblivion - Once Upon a Crown
Skirt/Bow: Alchemy - Sunny Bunny Tutu & Dainty Bow (Violet)  **Season's Story**

Deer: +Half-Deer+ - Standing Deer (Natural/static) **The Home Show**
Tree: +Half-Deer+ - Daydreaming Tree (pink/white clouds)
Hedgehogs: +Half-Deer+ - Romeo & Juliet Hedgehogs
Acorns: +Half-Deer+ - Scattered Acorns - All Colors (Light/Mixed)
Pups: +Half-Deer+ - Oopsie Daisy Bunny Pups (Cream/Spot & Choco/Warpaint) **C88**


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