.Tug of War.

A night in for this girl, waiting for my baby to get home from work and passing the time hanging out with the pets. My pup is so excited about his new little squeaky toy, the cat is utterly obsessed with the hamster and the hamster seems to be enjoying his attention. That, and he likes to tease the poor cat with his treats, he'll just stand there and eat them right in front of his face. I must say it's fun to watch. Poor kitty. Hah!

What I'm wearing:
Head / Body: TMP
Hair: SpellBound - Last Smoke - Earth  **Arcade**
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Necklace: Mandala - Onigiri Necklace (Silver)
Wrists: Amorous - Bangled
Ring: OtC - Collar Ring (Blk)
Top: Cynful - Hey Bae Top **NEW**
Shorts: Cynful - Hey Bae Pants  **NEW**
Socks: REIGN - Thigh High Tubes (White)

Puppy: Birdy - Lil Bull BB - Naked - Black **Arcade**
Pup Toy: Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Duke the Bull Terrier **Arcade**
Magazines: Fashionably Dead - Fashion Magazines **Old Arcade Item**
TV: Standby - Retro Zone - TV (Black) **Old Arcade Item**
Console: Standby - Retro Zone - Standby Entertainment Console  **Old Arcade Item**
Games: Standby - Retro Zone - Cart Line  **Old Arcade Item**
Bopper: Standby - Retro Zone - Bopper (Grey)  **Old Arcade Item**
Gaming Stick: Standby - Retro Zone - Super Gaming Stick **Old Arcade Item**
Controller: Standby - Retro Zone - Gaming Console Player2 **Old Arcade Item**
Controller: Standby - Retro Zone - S. Player1 **Old Arcade Item**
Game: Standby - Retro Zone - Super Cart (Miner's Hell) **Old Arcade Item**
Table: LISP - Anna Coffee Table - Brown
Hamster Cage: dust bunny & OMEN . hammies . hammie mini habitat RARE **Arcade**
Hamster: dust bunny & OMEN . hammies . hungry hammie  **Arcade**
Cat: Sweet Thing - Cuddle Kitties - Plopped (Cheeseburger) **Arcade**
Book: Apple Fall - Open Book
Clock: David Heather - Bicycle Clock  **Arcade**
Lamp: uK- Canvas Paper Floor Lamp
Rug: Random Matter - Librarium - Rugs - Gold  **Arcade**