.Better Have My Money.

This is why you never front a product. Money up front for goods, that's how it's supposed to work, but when you trust someone, even long term customers, you let them under your guard and your professionalism slips. That's when you start to make bad judgments. Bad judgments lead to loss of income, and loss of income leads to a grumpy provider and this does nothing but creates problems. Problems that need to be solved, one way or another.

What I'm wearing:
Body/Head: TMP
Hair: Truth Hair - Parvati
Mask: Bad Unicorn Clothing - Bloody Elm Hockey Mask **Season's Story**
Eyes: IKON - Odyssey Eyes (Quicksilver)
Top: Tee*Fy - Basic Knot T-Shirt Black
Watch: Mandala - Billionaire (Black)
Ring: OtC - Collar Ring (Black)
Pants: Ronsem - Straight Jeans / jetblack
Shoes: Flite - OG 4s -Bred  **No21/Sept**

[NikotiN] Dealer Kitchen SET **TMD**
Bad Unicorn Clothing - "Black" Elm Hockey Mask  **Season's Story**
Bad Unicorn Clothing - "Chained" Elm Duffle Bag RARE **Season's Story**
SORGO - Silent 11.43 RARE **Old Arcade Item**
SORGO - Euros Shoe Box **Old Arcade Item**
SORGO - Boxed Euros RARE **Old Arcade Item**
SORGO - Open Safe **Old Arcade Item**
Bueno- Silent Gun -Black **Epiphany**
Bueno - Stash House Skybox RARE **Epiphany**
BUENO-Joint Box **Epiphany**
BUENO-Merch Scale-Black **Epiphany**
BUENO-Money Stacks - Bloody **Epiphany**
BUENO-Money Pile -Bloody **Epiphany**


  1. Wonderful blog as far as I've read. Eloquence is definitely your strong suit, in all that you do. I do hope to see more soon.