Hello and welcome back to Fatally Stylish! I've returned with yet another post for you today, with the holidays fast approaching, I just couldn't resist. Enjoy!

What I'm wearing: 
Skin: Belleza - Grace TAN 2br
Body: Belleza - Venus
Hair: Truth - Honey
Eyes: IKON - Ascension Eyes (Silverleaf)
Scarf: Erratic - cwe - shawl / red trees **The Arcade**
Sweater: Erratic - hazel - oversized sweater  **The Arcade**
Socks: Erratic - eva - holiday socks / red trees (MID)  **The Arcade**

Furniture / Decor: 
Erratic - cwe - chaise RARE**The Arcade**
Erratic - 24. cwe - cushion / birdy **The Arcade**
Erratic - cwe - open book **The Arcade**
Erratic - cwe - stack of books **The Arcade**
+Half-Deer+ - Winter Whimsy - Snowy Ermine **The Arcade**
ISPACHI - [CHERISHED MOMENTS] Paws & Claws RARE **The Arcade**
Apple Fall - Bambi Figurine **The Arcade**
Apple Fall - Tabletop Tree **The Arcade**
Apple Fall - Christmas Banner (Maybe) **The Arcade**
Apple Fall - Christmas Banner (Santa) **The Arcade**
Apple Fall - Secretary Desk (Cream) **The Arcade**
8F8 - Granny's Winter Cottage - Carpet  **The Arcade**
What Next - Holiday Sign 3 - Let It Snow **Old Arcade Item**
What Next - Holiday Sign 2 - Merry Christmas  **Old Arcade Item**
What Next - Pinecone Tree (green)
OMEN - Into The Wardrobe - Icy Queen's Home **The Arcade**
junk. house lantern. **The Arcade**
Trompe Loeil - Holiday 2012 giftboxes
Pixel Mode - Writer's Room - Chair Cream Stripe **The Arcade**
Pixel Mode - Writer's Room - Book Stack **The Arcade**


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