.I Cast A Spell On You.

Hello again, I've brought you yet another themed outfit for you today, can you tell I'm on a kick? Ha! I love Halloween, I love the whole fall season, and as my darling fiancee has often lovingly called me a witch, I've taken that idea and ran with it, as you can see! Enjoy!
The dress, an oldie but goodie from none other than Rotten Toe, a long standing store and favorite of mine, this dress is super cute! From before the era of mesh, this darling little lolita dress has withstood the test of time and has escaped from my inventory once again - a sure testament to the non-meshy goodness! I love this dress, always have, always will. Make sure to check this one, and all the others, they have available! <3

What I'm wearing:
Skin: Belleza - Leila (Tan R 0)
Hair: Exile - American Woman 
Hat: Remarkable Oblivion - Magician Hat (Pyromancer) **Oh My Gacha**
Eyes: Clemmm - The Whites
Eye makeup: Pekka - Shadows in me (nose&eyeshadow/dark only) **Cosmetics Fair**
Facial cuts: Lovely Disarray - Vital Hostility (facial cuts only) **Cosmetics Fair**
Neck: Remarkable Oblivion - Salem  **We <3 Roleplay**
Dress: Rotten Toe - Moth Hunter (red)
Rings: Remarkable Oblivion - Pentinent (black)
Nails: [Shock] - Scratch nails (almond series)
Bracelet: KOSH - Blooming Rust Bracelet
Boots: *CoCo* - Engineer Boots
Garter: LouLou&co - A small cutting garter
Pantyhose: Erratic - Fishnet Thin (black)

Poses used:
Diesel Works - Varied Sets
Snake: Diesel Works - Serpent set

[Con.] The Incantanium Novellas - Brown **Wizarding fair**
[okkbye] Wizard Books - Property of the Halfblood Prince RARE **Wizarding fair**
.:Standby Inc. - CH Gatcha - Anitque Grinder **Old Arcade Item**
Lark - Charms (Rez) (Books Animated) **Wizarding fair**
Lark - Imaginarium Librarium Poetry - RARE **Old Arcade Item**
[Stitched] Silver Handy Cauldron [Rez me] **Wizarding Fair**

And the close up!


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